Surfing in Maldives

Surfing is a water sport with more than 500 years of age, which consists of sliding standing on a board, making turns in the waves. As in all sports, there are different modalities depending on the type of board and the techniques of each surfer.

According to experts Surfers, the difficulty of surfing is in the size and shape of the wave. The waves suitable for surfing are those that rise from the water progressively on the horizontal line to the left or to the right without breaking in rock.

Also the suitability to practice surfing depends on each place for that. The Maldives Islands are a benchmark in the practice of water sports and activities and is the original proposal that offers travelers the Hotel Como Malafushi Resort, a special program and Specific to be able to surf, during the stay in Maldives.

Under the name of Surf Breaks, this unique offer proposes as an addition to the accommodation in this 5 star hotel, and depending on the level of knowledge of surfing, the "Learn to Surf" program, which includes daily surf lessons with included material, to start In the sport or the program "Surf Pro", for those already connoisseurs of surf that include daily classes to improve techniques.

Both programs take place at the exclusive Thaa Atoll, where the Hotel Como Malafushi is located.

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