The Maldives Islands are a perfect destination for travelers looking for unsurpassed beaches and privacy during their stay. One of our favorite suggestions and combinations for travelers who like to enjoy a large modern, cosmopolitan city and Southeast Asian financial center without giving up a few days of relaxation and exclusive beach, is a travel itinerary combining Singapore with Maldives.

Fun, leisure, entertainment, culture and art without giving up the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, travelers begin their journey in Singapore, where they can enjoy a stay in the emblematic Hotel Raffles, which with its decoration and Green gardens, transports guests to the most colonial Singapore among skyscrapers. Sun, beach, Relax and exclusivity, in the last days of the Maldives trip, where travelers can enjoy an exclusive stay in bungalows located on the crystal clear waters while diving to explore the coral atolls.

A different, simple and ideal combination for travelers who want to visit Singapore and who are looking for a unique beach destination like The Maldives Islands. Request more information about our travel itineraries combined with Maldives to our specialized agents.